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Transparency in Procedure

How Veneers Work

A variety of factors contribute to the appearance of your smile. It's not solely about the natural coloration of your teeth, or the effects of coffee, tea, or wine, or even the natural wear and tear over time.

Repeated habits like grinding your teeth, inadequate dental hygiene, or even the effects of aging can contribute to the discoloration, misalignment, or deterioration of teeth. Veneers operate on the surface but bring about profound changes, effectively covering imperfections and enhancing your smile's overall appearance. They are custom-designed to fit your dental structure and color requirements, providing a long-term solution for a range of cosmetic dental concerns—helping you look your best.

Teeth with minor to major chips or broken teeth
Teeth with mild to severe misalignment or irregular shapes
Teeth with moderate to severe discoloration

Comparison of different types of style design


Plastic to Porcelain

STEP 1: PLASTIC - Setting the Foundation

In this preparatory stage, temporary plastic veneers serve to protect your teeth. Here's what to expect:
•  We administer local anesthesia for a comfortable experience, with Nitrous Oxide available for extra ease.
•  A minimal amount of enamel is removed, focusing on long-term health and comfort.
•  Temporary veneers are placed immediately, replicating the state of your original teeth and are bonded together. Although functional, they are less aesthetically pleasing than your final veneers will be.

Diagram of Munsell SystemSTEP 2: PORCELAIN - Your Permanent Smile

This is the day you've envisioned:
•  A 'try-in' session helps us ensure that your new veneers fulfill your expectations.
•  Your satisfaction is our priority; adjustments are made as necessary before final bonding.
•  Using advanced techniques, your permanent veneers are securely affixed, designed to last.

Optional: Wax - Your Future Smile, Today

Diagram of cementing protocol

For those interested in previewing their finished smile and having esthetic temporaries for 2-weeks, we offer a detailed wax-up at an additional cost of $100 per tooth.

Aftercare: Sustaining Your Investment
•  Post-procedure, we equip you with a complimentary electric toothbrush and nightguard.
•  We recommend treating your new veneers cautiously for the initial 48-48 hours.
•  A follow-up appointment is scheduled within a week to ensure you're fully satisfied.

To initiate your smile transformation, contact us at 650-557-4808.

Aftercare: Sustaining Your Investment
•  One-week Assessment: This appointment allows us to evaluate the veneers for fit, comfort, and aesthetics, and to make minor adjustments if necessary.
•  One-month Review: This visit focuses on long-term satisfaction and oral health. Further adjustments can be made if needed.

You'll receive a complimentary electric toothbrush and nightguard upon completion of your veneer placement, and all follow-up appointments within one month are included.
In an age of evolving dental technology and techniques, our commitment to delivering optimal solutions is uncompromising. At Bay Area Veneer Center (BAVC), our veneers are more than just a cosmetic solution — they are a culmination of extensive research and development.

Evidence-Based Selection: The materials used in our veneers have undergone rigorous testing. Multiple scientific studies have endorsed their longevity, strength, and resistance to wear, providing our patients with a peace of mind.

Craftsmanship and Precision: Drawing from years of expertise and complemented by contemporary technological advancements, our veneers are crafted with precision. Their fit, function, and aesthetic appeal are in line with the highest industry standards.

Continual Learning: The dental industry is ever-evolving. We remain engaged with global dental research communities, ensuring that our practices and products always represent the pinnacle of what's possible in cosmetic dentistry.

When you opt for veneers at BAVC, you're not just choosing a cosmetic enhancement—you're investing in a product that stands tall on the pillars of scientific research and patient well-being.

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